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I'm old enough to know better. I have Multiple Sclerosis, a Masters of Science,so MS^2. I have zero free time and tweet random stuff all day. I write all the time and love looking at cool stuff, don't much care what it is. Currently reading The Long Run by Daniel Keyes Moran

Pirate Name Generator

Joe Raving Black

Dangerous Brutus Blackbeard

White Dana Grimbeard

Vanessa Harker

Belay Thomas Scully

Bella Darkmoon

Scarlet Hawkins

Salty Margaret Sangre

One Legged James De Belleville

John Ravenblack

Gold Jack Blackman

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"There’s a cure?!" asked the girl that kills everything she touches
"Hey shut up we’re perf" replied the girl that makes clouds. 

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Point, set, match

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TITLE: Halcyon 


AUTHOR: Papillon

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine Loki protecting a young woman who is suffering from domestic violence.


NOTES/WARNINGS: Big brother pays Loki a visit….

For the next two weeks they slept peacefully, entangled in each other, well rested after fucking the energy out of one another. They fucked at night and made love during the day. It was dynamic and neither had felt so sated before. It was never too much. She always desired him, and equally so, he always wanted her. Sweaty, beautiful love, Loki was obsessed with the little mortal who he had claimed. He understood Thor’s fixation. The only difference was, was that Loki cherished his beautiful little one. He did not wish to find another; he wanted her always.

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I like this, though it makes me sad, and afraid in a way I don’t understand

text post meme: howard stark edition


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I loved this movie

I loved this movie

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